Some views while traveling from Thimphu to Mongar

In Bhutan there is one road crossing the country from West to East or East to West. When travelling to Kengkhar, one of the communities where I am working with the Participatory Photo Project at the local school I travel from Thimphu to Mongar. Driving in a car it’s normally a two days journey: day one from Thimphu to Bumthang (267 km) takes about 9 – 10 hours, day two from Bumthang to Mongar (198 km) takes about 7 – 8 hours of driving.

Below you see some photos taken while traveling from Thimphu to Mongar..



2 Responses to Some views while traveling from Thimphu to Mongar

  1. k rajesh rana says:

    the road from thimpu to mongar is one of the roads perhaps you imagine and hope in dreams only .in 1999 i travelled it in two days from ninth of march to tenth .it was awesome in terms of tranquality we were in the school bus of tangmachu high school .we stayed in a small town in the night it was a potato producing region. i miss it as well as bhutan.

    • mwadmin says:

      Thank you Rajesh for your comment. I can very well understand that also you had such intense and deep feelings while traveling on this road. You say that you are missing Bhutan.. may I ask you where you are living now?