Invitation to Sangay Nima’s traditional house for tea and freshly picked oranges

The last afternoon in Kagtong -the day after the exhibition and celebration of local culture at the Kagtong Community Primary School- Sangay Nima, the student photographer of class 6 and her younger sister were inviting me and three other people (the LCD project manager, his son and a teacher of the school) to a tea in her traditional house. It is situated about 30 min walk away from school and lies a bit above on a wonderful spot surrounded by an orange orchard, maize fields, and the beautiful mountains of Lower Kheng.
Sangay told us that her mother was still busy working in the rice field; so she made fire by herself and prepared tea for all of us. While the water was heating over the fire, Sangay went outside twice: first time she brought a bangchung (woven basket) full with hazelnuts and second time she brought freshly picked oranges and a cucumber from the garden.
I was surprised and delighted to see with what social competence and naturalness Sangay was serving her guests. Later -as it already was getting dark outside- her mother was coming back from the field. In the meantime -beside serving us- Sangay had already prepared rice for her family’s dinner.
Filled with gratefulness we said goodbye to Sangay and her family and left to reach back to the village before it was getting all dark.

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